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I like you. When you get old and you look back, your life won't be laid out like a road map. It'll look more like a picture album. It'll be snapshots of hiking in New Mexico, sitting on the patio talking about philosophy, riding motorcycles in Vietnam (maybe that last one will be a more graphic snapshot than most), standing up next to one of your best friends on his wedding day. And it'll be snapshots of the people you've shared community with. You write your life story on others (like the short story you told me about that's single words tattooed on thousands of people). You share life with others so that they can tell your life story back to you. I guess it's the reason why people want to die at the exact same time (thank you?) so they don't outlive one another. You want your stories to match. So sometime when you want to relive the last six years of your life (the good the bad and the ugly), you know who to call. Of course I'm your flaky friend so...

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