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You say I look for exceptance and find none. I look for love and find none. I look for friendship and find very little. I look for hope and am stifled.

I am sad. I am sorry you do not feel acceptance, sorry you do not find love, sorry you do not find friendship, and sorry about the loss of hope.

I cannot relate and feel bad for you. I feel accepted, and loved, and friends (now but not previously in life) and I feel very full of hope.

Dream because all of those things are out there for you, available to you.


This may be way off but sometimes I wonder if we are even supposed to feel this acceptance. I am sure we aren't supposed to feel miserable all the time but if we felt completely at home and completely loved and we were not lacking in any area of any sort of relationship, why would we need to put our hope in something or someone or some place bigger? I think there is something in everyone that aches for something bigger and better. And I think it is ok to feel like that because it is how we were wired... knowing that bigger and better exists somewhere and at some point we will get to taste it.


In regards to Amanda's comment: Part of my feeling accepted, loved, friendship and hope is due to my relationship with God. I don't think you are off at all on your comment. I do not feel lacking in any of those area's, however some of those area's are being fulfilled by a greater being, by God.

Unregulated Female

I get your search for meaning and the "where do I belong" thing. I still struggle with that very issue today. Somehow, I just keep trying new things and let it unfold. Thomas Merton said to "follow the ecstasy" in regards to life: look for the life, joy, and a place where you can connect. That is what I am trying to do: still searching, still following the ecstacy.

Let's do coffee soon!

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