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What a wonderful post. Again, you are a GREAT writer~


I got to thinking about your post last night for some reason while I was doing my Bible Study. I wanted to tell you another thing I thought of.

First- you are so true about how easy it is to type/write/talk to your journal. It is that open acceptance and willingness to have no predjudice about what you have to say.

But it made me think about our relationship with God. It too, is an open acceptance to what you have to say. God, more than anyone, can say "I'm sorry" and really mean it more than anyone else. I'm sure you know this, I'm not "telling" you any of this. I just thought about it while pondering your post.

What a wonderful thing to be able to come before our creater, tell him anything, hands down! No predjudice, just love and openess. Praise the Lord for this opportunity.



Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad that you have a picture of God that allows you to participate in that kind of relationship with God.

I haven't had the same experience with God that you have. Mine has been more of a silent, one way, monoloque that has become somewhat unfulfilling over the years. I also can't say that my idea of God is one where I can say anything to her and not, in some sense, feel the judgment from God. Perhaps this is not healthy but it is the view of God that I grew up with and it is deeply ingrained in my mind. So for now, my journal makes a better friend than does God for my emoting.


I do understand that everyone's relationship with God is different. You are right in saying that God passes judgement, however he offers forgiveness. Therefore, if you have accepted that forgiveness there is no longer judgement. Just know that you can be open and honest with God, because he knows more than we tell him anyway. If I am angry at God, I tell him, If I am pleased I tell him.

No, I don't have that verbal conversation with God, but I do have that overcoming peace when I speak to Him. God is love.

I hope that you too may be able to experience the same. Then it becomes more fulfilling than that of a journal. Knowing that the almighty creator, God, does and will listen to you. That is power.

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