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I *heart* that Lauren Hill CD.

Unregulated Female

Damn! I missed you in your gear working the streets. Hope you raised alot of $$...


Sorry about the dickhead doctor. As a psychologist in traning a recommend seeing an non dickhead therapist. (We're hard to find). lol


From one hip-hop junkie to another, I really liked your stuff.

Oh, hey, check out Anticon Records. Sage Francis did some stuff with them a few years back. There are a bunch of free mp3s at the site. Sole and Alias are good.


Speaking of random, you've been tagged.


honestly, i've recommended this before, take a greens supplement (preferably greens+) once or twice a day for a month and you will totally see your mood swings balanced. I stopped about a month ago because I got too busy and within a week I was back in the swing of the highs and lows and the depression snuck back in. I don't know your situation so I don't know the seriousness of your condition, but please don't get too hooked on pharms before you try greens. anyway, for what it's worth. Good luck.


McKormick has made two good points. One is that natural remedies are sometimes helpful and the other is that sometimes they aren't. When some people get stung by bees, they put some ice on it and go on about their day. Other people have to be rushed to the ER for immediate medical attention. Some people need meds to manage depression in the same way that other people need meds to manage their allergy to beestings. It's important that thoughtful people like ourselves are willing to help dismantle the stigma and stereotypes that accompany depression and medication.

Tim Youmans

Can't believe thast doctor said that shit to you. Like your blog Adam. Great picture, tought i wish it were bigger so I could see the details. --Tim in Shawnee

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