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What the hell's wrong with you? Stop saying stuff like this where I can see it. Thanks.


Adam, if one of us has to die in a horrible fiery inferno, I want it to be you.


I concur with Cheek.


Adam, maybe I'll move eastward in Oklahoma so you can fight some fire I accidentally start while smoking my cigar in bed...


Ya know, I bet one of those blankety blank Christians could take the science of fire behavior and turn it into a sermon about sin and it's consequences...



Perhaps, but then I would have to point out that fire has been one of the most helpful tools we've ever possessed or harnessed. That would make for a funny sermon about sin don't you think?

anonymous but diligent visitor

Now, what I still don't get is how walls can burn. The paint, okay, but concrete? Like, cement and brick don't burn, do they?


I suppose it might be possible at some ridiculously extreme temp. (like the sun) but they are not considered ordinary combustibles. So what you are seeing is not the bricks burning or cement burning.


Hmmm I think you're amazing. And those were some neat facts about fire that I didn't know... Funny how the movies make things up that are impossible! I know there is a strong hero in you, so be safe and study hard! And when you aren't so stressed out we will all go have a drink!

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