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Hello there Friend of Adam.

I did not catch your name, but I have talked to a few Baptist women who have the pain you are talking about. I know some people scoff at some Churches being "inclusive" however your story tells me that it is the correct path. My Daughter has grown up in a Church where her talents are used as needed, and she can do anything any one does for the greater glory of God.

Ga 5:1For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery


Oh, wow. You just wrote my story for me, except I took that scholarship at the public state school and completely lost my faith for awhile. I, too, grew up SBC. My mother is a youth minister at a church that one day will no longer be SBC, because of what she and the congregation believe: That women are equipped for serving God.

When I shared my outrage with my church about the SBC, I got a nice pat on the head, and a "Shhh, women don't get angry like that."

It is only now, nearly a decade later, that I have found a church that affirms me for who I am. They aren't Baptist. My own brother disagrees with me about my fitness for ministry, and that hurts. But, I have found a place that I am loved and grown, and God has worked wonderful changes in my life over the past two years.

I pray for you a church that will do the same.


Historically, women in the church in the States have had a significantly larger role in preaching and leadership, until this century or so. I guess it's our job not to let people forget that.


Well said. I hope you find a church that comes through for you, especially on the issue of women and church leadership. Its one of the reasons I left the Baptist fold and discovered a whole new world of Christianity called mainline protestantism.

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