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Never underestimate the prolonged and loud usage of profanity to drive Christians from a room. Next time it happens, just begin talking to your laptop as if you were watching porn online.


hola adam! Just wanted to say hi! Have a good day!


Greg's got a point; it's almost like throwing holy water on vampires.

Not that I'm speaking from experience, of course *cough*...

Law Bob Esq.

Next time you see folks like that, look closer. Look and see if you can't spot the sickly, almost panicked smile that so many of this caste have. These poor folks illustrate the epidemic in christendom of people who know that what they're told on sunday does not make sense, but don't dare speak up or break the mold for fear of retribution from God, or worse, from the rest of the congregation. They'll probably spend their entire lives in that Calvinist limbo where you know you're going to hell but you act like you wont because you might not even though you know you're gonna. Gosh, maybe if we distribute enough of these pamphlets we can go to heaven. If there's one thing God is about, its pamphlets.

My rant on works-righteousness aside, ask yourself if a life in such a state is punnishment enough for being obnoxious? Then, go find a preacher that speaks fluent greek, loves "Boondock Saints," and isn't afraid to tell you that all the works and worship in the world won't get you an inch closer to heaven... but faith will. I suspect the folks from your local MegaChurch do not meet these criteria.

One note about profanity, it never drove me from the room. (Especially when uttered by David Della Rocko.)


Ha! I absolutly love this post!


Aaahhh yes...

...the travails of encountering the local "fish-tians" (you know, the ones who put the stupid Jesus fish on the back of their Hummer?!?!). The only problem is that wishing their death brings out some strange sense of martyrdom which, in hydra-like fashion, only produces more gravity-defying quaffed heads and purple-haired long-skirt wearing submissive "godly" wives. In fact, I am surprised that it was a mixed crowd...

Great post, as usual...

grace and peace


I'm a long skirted, evangelical, fundemental, Christian grandmother living on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico...and I'm listening

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