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Law Bob Esq.

Megachurches & marketing are the greatest threat out there to modern Christianity. It drives intelligent people away. This is something I've been ranting about for a long time now. My biggest question though, is where is the marketing when it comes to the handguns rap stars use? It is always, ALWAYS a 9mm.

What, is there some rule that says no self respecting rap artist would soil his hand with a .357? I doubt it. Clearly this is a failure of marketing to tap what is otherwise a lucky monopoly for the 9mm manufacturers. We need more diversity among rapper handguns!


I hate the shameless marketing, as well. I feel like there are many more fingers to point. Christian "book" stores...they sell few books, and many of what they sell are pure rubbish. Over spiritualizing dribble looking to make a buck. It's disgusting. Most won't carry anything that is really speaking Truth because it's not "safe for the whole family."

Doesn't it make you wonder what church would be like without all the professionally printed banners, flyers, and other items? What would it be like if my church didn't have to have an 'image?'


I went into Lifeways book store at 71st (Tulsa) and was shocked at the number of pictures of Pres. Bush. Thirteen, most with the "halo". There where 3 of Jesus. Marketing, Maketing, Marketing.

What was that about "my House being a House of Prayer, but someone has made it a den of thieves"!

The real culprit, as always, is ourselves, and our lack of willingness to do any real Gospel work, and the ease of sitting there and pointing the finger at "others" while being entertained.


Looks like a great way to break out of a blogging slump here. Kudos to you for linking the mega-church phenomenon to its proper source: good ole Amerkin capitalism.

But here is a question: do you have your tongue in your cheek when you say "blame the one who is demanding the goods/services"?


That's a good point. I don't know why the "Nine" has been the gun of choice. I'm sure that gun manufacturers don't mind but you would think they could get a wider variety of customers if they expanded their Rapper gun usage. The AK-47 seems to be pretty popular as well. Not sure why that is either.

My good friend's last name is Cheek. So I certainly don't think I have my tongue in Cheek. I suppose "goods/services" is an interesting way to talk about prostitutes.


where can I get a copy of that version of the "word"...


grace and peace


OK, I see that. But I was asking for a different reason than to present a wordplay between you and cheek. I am aiming at your own stance on capitalism. Are you a capitalist who just thinks there should be a strong division between what the church does and what businesses do? Or would you like to present an alternative system somehow, someway, someday?


Speaking only for myself, the problem I have with capitalism is not necessarily the way in which it operates (although there is some concern when the financial welfare of large multinational corporations takes priority over the physical welfare of people in the developing world). Rather, it's the particular cultural way in which capitalism is instantiated in American culture (and to an extent Western culture in general). There's a tendency to be preoccupied with consuming goods, spending money and reducing human interaction to a collection of high-spin, low-substance marketing strategies. Capitalism doesn't have to be this way, but in our particular case it often is; hence my discomfort.


I know what you meant I was just trying to avoid the question by making a stupid comment. I'm not sure what I think about capitalism. I don't really have a problem with it per se but its hard to imagine it ending up any other way than the exploitative manner it has. If I knew more about economic theory I might be better off. But it strikes me as a good idea to put a cap on the amount of profit one could earn. After a certain point you are making it impossible to for someone else to have much of anything. What do you think?


Yeah, I really don't know if I have enough knowledge about economics to really do some good here, either. But there has to be a good, sound reason for saying that churches cannot have market strategies, too. I am absolutely appalled by the corporate mega-church phenomenon, but I am not sure how to critique it from within a capitalist ethos. For if we restrict the church from the marketplace because the economic system corrupts the church, then perhaps we would also have to restrict the church's participation in political discussion. (I ain't talking about Freedom Sunday, OK?) Where could we be a Christian in public then?

If I have a real beef with capitalism, it is the lack of an acceptable teleology. Where is capitalism supposed to end up? What are its stated goals? And I have never heard better than what Leighton described above.


haha Adam I can totaly hear you saying this through your written words. You're very wise, and you think alot, that's awesome. But I won't lie, it seems like much of your views on life came out of hurt. Maybe I don't know you enough to say such things, but I've always been honest. I agree with you tho, I don't blame the whores, I blame those who demand them. But I also blame myself and the Christians who see the truth but don't reach out. Yes there are mega-churchs that mislead people. But I think as a whole, the whole human race became lazy about 100 years ago. We stopped serching and digging we stopped longing and we became more and more satisfied with the crap the world was giving us. We stopped fighting and demanding something better. I think that's true for everyone, we open our mouth and asked to be spoon fead whatever crap the world wants to give us. So many times we/I forget that this is a War, a war that started at the begining. It's life and we are to enjoy it yes, but not be passive. errrrrrr hahah some many times you will say something and I'll want to reply but it's not the right time, I never want to start something at dinner or a bar. So I hope this doesn't come aross wrong, like I'm bashing you or something, because I'm not. We're on the same side, Just different posts. take care, hope to hang out again soon. oh and I must find this NIPT you speak of hehe



Glad you stopped by. Your right that a lot of my views come from pain and hurt but that is my experience of life and have reason to believe that it is valid. I don't think the whole world has become lazy. I think Americans (not all) have become lazy and turned ourselves into self-helping consumers. It is an ideology that completely destroys community. I don't know what you mean by us being in a war but I would pose that war language is inappropriate to the gospel. Especially the parts about Jesus. What's NIPT? and how long have you been reading my blog?

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