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I just watched the trailer of Crash. It looks beautiful and amazing. I really want to see this soon.

Adam, have you ever seen Magnolia or Requiem for a Dream


I've seen both of them. I'm not really sure I understood Requiem for a Dream but I really like Magnolia. Magnolia actually came to mind after I watched this movie.

Unregulated Female

Ab"soul"utely agree w/ Adam on this. I found myself repeatedly being confronted with my own hidden areas of racism, hate, frustration, pain, etc. The shock value of the story is intense in that it is such an "in-your-face" movie- demanding a pesonal accounting. After the show, I was hard pressed to speak - too much going on internally. I wanted to cry and several times, I did. Watching the pain behind others lives - revealing a piece of why we hate or disciminate others- was so incredibly moving and insightful. Fantastic picture and agree - one of the top 10 I have ever seen.


i saw it on sunday and found it very moving and worthwhile. it's taken me some time to process, but i finally organized my thoughts and posted a review.

thanks for the recommendation, adam.

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