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Boston Legal got knocked off because of Grey's Anatomy (which I don't like). I liked Boston. They are supposed to put Boston Legal back on this fall. They said that Grey's had such an overwhelming response that they decided to keep it in the time slot and postpone Boston. Boo!


the bush comment cracked me up. Charismatics? Many are sweet and well-meaning... but for the most part, they are Annoyamatics. The world is much deeper and meaningful, and mysterious than they make it out to be. (that's just my biased, former-charismatic opinion.)

Now.. where's my beer?



I've always preferred to think of Bush as a dickhead. But cockface works well too. :)

Law Bob Esq.

I've always preferred to refrain from using really bad names for the leader of the free world, whoever he is. (Even if I really, REALLY don't like him.) I can just imagine it rising up to haunt me years later...

Senator Clinton - "Mr. LawBob, you're up for appointment to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, a very dignified position. But, isn't it true that on May 28, 2005, you publicly referred to the President of the United States as a 'Sucking-hose-beast'? I'm afraid this reflects poorly on your ability to maintain decorum in a federal court."

LawBob - "Well, you see Mr. Senator ... sir... what I meant was...."


Given Bush's ability to dodge the ramifications of cocaine use and bailing on his military obligations, I'm not too concerned with calling him names coming back to haunt me. Then again, I'm not a spoiled rich boy with a president for a father, so maybe I should watch my tongue.


With all the far out liberal things that my husband (Kevin) says, I'm starting to wonder if they'll let us back in the country after our travels to Europe this month.


You can't give up on Lost yet. There's more to that show than we realize.

Just for some off-season Lost fun check out:


Unregulated Female

I understand the thought of talking to Charismatics - Yet I am one. Damn. I love the mystery of God. I don't understand yet I am drawn to Him/her/spirit. I despise the weirdness of what Charismatic means in our city. Someone I know left the latest Rhema mag for me to read and I almost ralphed - gag reflex working fine. I don't have time to waste reading this material/watching stupid tv - that does the thinking for me, entertains me with people I would run away from in real life... YIKES. UNLESS of course, I realize I want to zone out and be entertained by these people. Then that is my own choice. I ended up watching the Disney channel last night - Yep. pathetic. The hope for me running for the presidency is nil - but at least I know we watch the same channel...

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