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So, are you developing a hatered for white females 13-23? Will this be your downfall into freaky racist tendencies...or tangents as it may be?


Again, with freaky tangents! anyway, good post, and I am going to send it to my daughter, who happens to fit the criminal profile...

Law Bob Esq.

Two points:

1. Are there any African Non-americans that shop at dillards? What about Hispanic Non-americans? I once referred to an enormous man of obvious african descent that I had seen as "this black guy" and a classmate of mine at law school totally jumped down my throat about calling them "African Americans." When she finally subsided I was allowed to explain that the incident took place in Iceland, and the man in question spoke only German.

2. As for me, I live in North Dakota. I have automatic prejudices. If I see someone who looks asian or african, I automatically assume they're graduate students.


Good point, Law Bob. Kind of like how Dave Matthews is a white guy, but he's from Africa. So that makes him a white African American.


i have been on the recieving end of racism many a time... I am of hispanic discent my mother is is from Honduras a central american country but her grand parents were from Spain & France.

Anyway,I grew up in a small town outside of a metroplex area of Texas... we were one of maybe 5 families in the 80's that were hispanic. Many times, I had been mistakenly "labeled" with the a mexican. When I tried to defend my self one time when I was 14 this guy told me "you are still a wet back your family just swam farther," People ask me, "What are you?" all the time.. At first I say well I am an american.. then they say "No, What Are you" I then proceed to tell them that I am an American but my family comes from Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Or the one that I got alot was "Are you Mexican" with a Condesending tone in thier voice... I would say no, my mom is from Central America, then their tone and looks compeletly change and they totally accept me because I was't a mexican...

These incidents began my long journey of realizing that I had built up my own prejudices towards mexicans espcially. I constantly found my self trying to prove that I wasn't mexican. I have a very hispanic name and I even toned it down to the point where you wouldn't even know that it was hispanic.

It took till I was 22 to have a paradim shift in my thinking and realize that I had built my own prejudices towards mexicans, due mainly because I wanted to fit in and be accepted. During this difficult reality check, I began to accept my hispanic heritage, and started pronouncing my name with an hispanic accent like my mother intended it to be pronounced.

Rascism, Prejudism, Hate is an ugly sin that affects anyone if they aren't careful. At first you don't expect the subtle things people say or the looks that I get because I have a white spouse. but then when you least expect it here comes a prejudice or racist person that totally ruins your day.. But that is just the day in the life of a spic in texas...

You know it is also prevalent in the church, they say that Sunday's @ 10 o'clock is the most segregated hour. Next time you go to church look accross the pews ans see if there are any other people there that dont look like you. If not, I recommend that you invite some one that you know that doesn't have the same ethnicity or cutural background to dinner and learn about them. I'd also recommend visiting a church that you wouldn't normally go to in a completely different part of town and even a different denomonation to see the many "colors" of the church. there are some ministries really doing a great job but then the key phrase is some! Lord help us all!


Dude...the highschool I went to was called Whiteland. I am pretty sure there were a grand total of 2 african americans in my town. They were kids, and they were adopted by white parents. What kind of people would do that and then move to a town called Whiteland???? On another note...all the shoplifting I did in my life was before age 13..I am not sure you could call it shoplifting though, the store did willingly give me 50 cents everyday when I told them the coke machine was broken. Could you arrest me for that?


I'm sorry to hear that you've had to deal with that.

It's called Fraud, and yes we could probably arrest you for that, but if you weren't even thirteen yet we would probably just tell you not to come back. Right after we tortured you :)

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