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Unregulated Female

a type of Violation - yep. and that's DAMN awkward. I have had women make much more direct sexual advances towards me when I felt vulnerable - like in the shower. Chalk it up as this was NOT your issue and that this other person definately has some issues. Why change your behavior because of someone else's issues? Then you will be adjusting your life to situations rather than from a stance of confidence/ integrity. You can't help that someone else finds you attractive.

ryan king

Dude, that's a bad story. He broke so many rules its not even funny. He's lucky he didn't get his ass kicked. Wait, you're a pacifist, right? So I guess you wouldn't have kicked his ass, even if you weren't nekkid.

Shower at home.




How creepy of him to do all that, but why change your behavior? Next time u see him, ignore him, unless he acts out again, then report him to management. I am with Unregulated Female on this one. He doesn't seem to be normal by any means.. I mean "weenkie" is a come hither line? Not bloody likely.


Ewww. That's trippy. When I was in college there was a guy who followed me around the library once. He was standing behind a row of books pretending to browse, but really staring at me. That went on for quite some time. Finally it creeped me out enough so that I left. But I had to use the bathroom on my way out of the building (the non-urinal sort of bathroom visit). So the guy follows me into the bathroom and is just standing outside the stall. I tried to wait him out, but he stood there for quite a while. Finally I finished my business and made a break for it. I always thought that was a bizarre moment, but yours beats mine hands (pants?) down. I'm never working out again.


Karin said, "Ewwwwww!!!! Tell Adam I'm sorry. That's just wrong!" I would tend to agree. Sick and wrong. Perhaps if it were Rome circa 300 B.C. or something...If you need to down a couple with some safe friends, let us know, we are there for you.



Your rules for the shower seem fair to me.

This guy's behavior was out of line, not to mention that oh-so-hot turn-on "winkie" (says arcastically)? Even were I at an all-gay male fitness club, I'd find this behavior not okay simply because I'm not there to find some hot guy, I'm there to work out. Besides, shaking my head again, "winkie" is a reason for going limp if ever I've heard one.

I've had guys take a pass at me at the gym before, though, and the best thing to do is ignore it as others mentioned. Take it from a gay guy, ignore this guy, and go about your routine as best you can.

As for kickin' some ass. Frankly, I'm always on guard in the locker room; I most often have more to fear from straight men in the locker room than straight men have to fear from me.


Well, he could be genuinely simple like Greg's bball friend.

But it sounds most like plain irrational agression.
Actually, it sounds like something a drunk guy might do.

I'd say not to let him get a rise (sorry) out of you, but when presented with an unexpected naked dude I've always found them surprisingly hard to stare down equably.


Adam, Actually this guy qualifies for disorder in a DSM-IV TR kinda way. His behaviour is troublesome and just before the inappropriately touching or hurting someone, probably a child, stage. I'd report what happened regardless. But that's just my psychologist opinion. ;)

On a personal note... Was he wearing flip flops?


yeah. shower at home. yikes.


I'm not sure if he was wearing flip-flops. I probably should have been because it is entirely possible he broke all the rules, or worse!

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