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I've been in similar places myself - especially in regard to "relational games." So I'm intrigued. Can you elaborate on what you mean and I'll let you in on the secret workings of the female mind? Well, actually, my insights will have to be tempered by a)the sacred oath of sisterhood and b) that my thoughts may only reflect my unique experience of the female mind - perhaps your other readers can balance me out. I'm intrigued about what you've heard and experienced because, to my experience, girls aren't the only "players" out there.

Keep talking (typing) I want to hear what you have to say.


I have to say I was one of those girls that was always confused by the games. But then again, I've broken my fair share of hearts. But what do I know, I've been married three years now. I too, would like to hear more on your assessment of games people, men, boys, girls, women, play.

Fat Calbert

Allergies really suck! I feel your pain (literally). Not all girls "play the game" by the way (I should know because I married one who does not) so go for the ones who shoot straight. (Guys play a different type of game but I was speaking directly to what I percieved to be your dilemma.)

Peace to you,
Fat Calbert


I too would like to hear about these games you speak of. I wasn't let in on the secret that there was a game. Ha.

Unregulated Female

You were missed this week, and that is sincerely true. Allergies and alcohol can be a depressing mix, but hang in there. (I say this as both my dose of niquil and my decong begins to kick in...)

What is happiness anyway, Adam? That question is profound and probably different for everyone. I sat this past Saturday am in an open AA meeting and met a room full of folks who were really happy. Happy they weren't caught up in the addiction,happy they found a group of people that loved them as they are, and happy they were alive. What a gift to be a part! Happiness for me is on various levels- I found myself literally smiling - just because it was a beautiful day, and one of my fav songs came on the radio. Maybe that's too simple. I don't know.

My personal thought is to walk away from the "game playing chicks." There are plenty o' people out there that don't get caught up in all of that. You really are a terrific man.


What is the saying about games?

"It's only funny until someone loses an eye."

Sounds like your eyes have been poked at a number of times. It is interesting that we have made a sport out of relationships. Relationships seem like the last thing that needs a competitive edge to them. Whatever happened to honesty, transparency, respect and care for ourselves and others?

If you should find a "game playing chick," then run... or wait, better yet stay with her. It is those game playing boys and girls (not women and men) that keeps my counseling practice in business.

Hope the allergy medicine kicked in alright. Becareful mixing that stuff with the booze, the depressive effect can be mind-boggling and not necessarily in a good way.

grace and peace

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