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Sticking it to the man felt good, though, if only for a moment. It's hard to find that line between vindication and sticking up for yourself and hurting others. Jesus stuck it to da' man quite often, and I'm sure that some people were hurt and left in a lurch. You can't save 'em all. (Unless you're Jesus, I guess.)


Just let it burn. Temp agencies have lots of "fire fighters" running around.


In all honesty, it doesn't sound like what you did was sticking it to anyone. Maybe you didn't give due notice, but temp agencies are pimps who will always take you back if they need you. I'm employed through a consulting firm and they will sell you the world and drop you in a heartbeat when it suits them. It's just a game.


Congratulations on the new job, I hope that it is the kind of work that doesn't drain your life. It strikes me that we really aren't good at saying good-bye. In a world that seems impersonal, where people interact with machines more than one another, it seems like there is actually no one to say good-by to. Where there is no meaningful contact, there is no need for meaningful good-byes...

grace and peace

Unregulated Female

I agree w/ McKormick - the ability to "up and quit" a position is the beauty of working for a Pimp, er.. I mean Temp agency. Congrats on the other - Enjoy the softer side of life...



Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about it Adam. I'm glad to hear you got the job. Don't forget about our deal, though. I'm one of the people who felt the burn because of your departure, so I'm expecting a call when you open the real pub. :)

Scott Jones

I wish you'd gone ahead and said what you wanted to say to the boss.


How bad was it?


It wasn't too bad. It was just a lot of fielding questions for me because they assumed I knew everything...which wasn't altogether incorrect, but it wasn't my place to say either so I just made my face a complete blank and went about my regular work day. You are missed though :)


Burn, Baby, Burn

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