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Come over to the parish and read Meland's comment under Excursus on Wesley. That'll get you going.

Unregulated Female

Apathy I understand, however, I have not to date ever viewed you as apathetic. Sounds like you are just tired. That I can sincerely relate to. Rest, let your body heal, enjoy more white cocoa w/ irish creme, and the profound thoughts will emerge. They can't help but bubble forth, because that is a part of your make-up.

Sorry, I missed the group last night - but being in the midst of finals week has me weighted down with some useless and intriguing facts.


I think I hear what you are saying. It could be a phase of apathy but I also think there might be some growth in it.
What I mean is this: when I first started rebelling against all the asinine-ness of my fundamentalist heritage, every little thing sent me through the roof (there's actually some interested parallels here between recoving fundamentalists and women in recovery from domestic violence. . .) I've gotten to the point now where watching Jack Van Impe makes me laugh and apocalyptic literature just causes an unconscious eye roll. I think this is why: I've broken away. I'm distanced from it now. The crazy things they do are their crazy things not MY crazy things. I can let it be ridiculous because it's no longer about me. Does that make sense?
Anyway, that's a word about my journey. Who knows if it parallels yours but whatever the case, I hope you keep us along as travel companions on your journey. I enjoy your thoughts and your humor!




You know, Adam, I've been feeling the same way lately. I think I've been tiring of writing reactively and need something proactive.

Perhaps that will jar you along like it did me.


Adam, I am so sad to realize that your heresy has taken you down this lonesome road, but I do hold out hope that Our Lord will use this period to make you realize the mistakes of your intellectual arrogance and bring you back to the loving arms of Jesus. God loves you, Adam, and there is still time to repent of your wickedness before you die and go to spend eternity in the depths of a fiery Hell from which there is no escape.


Is that a joke?


Unless Cheek has lost his damn mind and wants a good ass whoopin then I'm pretty sure he was kidding.

I think your right. I think what Meg said is right on as well and that what I am experiencing (upon further reflection) is kind of my starting point of something new after the my "fall from fundamentalism". Which I initially mistook for apathy.

Thanks for your words. They were tremendously helpful in thinking about this recently.


Dude just ride the wave of life and just be your self and what ever you post you know SOMEONE will comment on it event if it is something that you don't care about cause in the midst of it you might find the passion for it again!


Adam and Nicole,
I would never joke about a matter as serious as eternal torment. I am continuing to pray for you all that God may shed his terrible and wonderful light on the darkness of your minds.



do you honestly think that using demeaning tones in your posts are going to bring people to Christ? I think not. This forum is an outlet for Adam and Others to get thier feelings out whether they are theologically off or not. Trust me, condemning people to hell isn't the best way to bring People to the Cross. I appreciate Adam's and the others honesty. Because this walk of faith isn't easy for any of us. Life can shoot some unexpected things that mess up our own personal theology everyday. But you know, It is our job to Pray for people that are struggling or even questioning thier beliefs... We should not throw stones at them and tear them down. All that does is give the enemy the fuel to prove his point that Christians are wackos... seriously... My suggestion to you is to FIRST OF ALL pray before you post and Seriously ask God... Will this benefit them or tear them down. It's not about proving a point... It is about Walking, Talking, and Ministering with Love... the Love that cast out all fear. the love that sets them free.. the Love that brings them into the arms of Jesus. The Love that heals thier hurts thier pains and answers thier questions.


Sorry to everyone who doesn't know me in reality. My irony can be a little dry sometimes.
In all seriousness-Peace,



Me and Cheek were roommates after college. We agree on almost everything in matters of faith and theology. We also tend to joke with each other about it a lot. I'm pretty sure that is what he was doing. I do, however, appreciate that you care enough to come to my defense. But Cheek is a pansy, I would crush him in a dual.


Yeah, I figured it out when I saw his email address was "poetsofsatire" Gee, I feel silly.



No need to feel silly Nicole, my vicious use of irony has claimed many victims. (I'm once again just kidding. My arrogance doesn't go quite that far.) And the only reason Adam could pound me is because I'm a pacifist. And I'm sensitive. And I like to dance around my apartment to Enya wearing my superman cape...


Why is Enya wearing your superman cape?


Damnit. I'm normally the one to crucify linguistic pedestrians for their dangling modifiers.

And the duelist falls fatally upon his own sword.

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