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I am baffled as to why McLaren accepted the invitation in the first place. C'mon people, do any of us think it was ever a serious invitation at all? They probably invited him just to disinvite him. No way they were ever going to let him actually speak.

Aaron Arnall


After a discussion in my Criminal Law class today about a Christian Science couple allowing their kid to die when sick because they believed that God would heal the kid, i posed the following question.

When determining negligent homicide, you factor in the actor's (in this case, the parents) situation. The Model Penal Code (what many states base their laws on) says that more often than not you do not factor in the actor's intelligence, upbringing, wealth, etc, you use a reasonable person standard (Pat from SNL if you will), void of gender, biases, etc. In the commentary (by the drafters) to the Model Penal Code there is a comment that "idiosyncratic moral values are not part of the actor's situation." To me, at this point in my life, that's what "faith" is: an idiosnycratic moral value. Is it? What do you think?


Great question. I'm going to answer you in my next post. It will be my "I have no idea but this is my best shot at it" answer.

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