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Invisibility definitely. So much mischief to be made. It boggles the mind.

While we're on the subject, you should read Robert Cormier's "Fade."


Invisibility, no question about it. With flight, everybody knows you can fly, and you suddenly get abducted by some government or other who runs tests on you to see what makes you tick, and odds are you don't survive the process. With invisibility you have a greater life expectancy.

And does "invisibility" mean you also don't give off a heat signature? 'Cause that would be cool.


That is the main reason males decided on Invisibility. I must say, it is very intriquing. Thanks for the book suggestion. I'll check it out.

No, you still have heat signature. The rules are you can turn transparent at any time you wish including all of your clothes. But anything you pick up is still visible. For flight, the rules are you can flight upwards of 1000 mph and are not affected by the environmental changes at those speads. Unencumbered directional control but no super strength or invincibility to go with it. Sorry, you would need "invisible ice man" or something for no heat signature.


y'know, my first instinct was to go for invisibility, too. but now that i find out more about the rules (and just so we're clear, these are your stipulations, right? i can't imagine the npr story got so particular), i have to say that the ability to break the sound barrier unassisted with complete maneuverability and no physical repercussions sounds pretty damn excellent.

i want that one.

and if the government wants to test me, they'll have to catch me first.


Actually the NPR story set up those exact rules. When he asked people they would drill him on what the rules were. So those were his stipulations


wow. i knew npr was a little more thorough than your average radio news, but i clearly didn't give them enough credit. cool.

i still choose flight.

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