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This is a comment somebody left on my blog, but I thought I would transfer it over to yours. It seems to fit.

I think Saint Paul agrees with you when he says: "For we are not mere peddlers of God's word like so many; but in Christ we speak as persons of sincerity, as persons sent from God and standing in his presence."


How about this... I just saw on Good Morning America that someone was selling a candle that was supposed to smell like Jesus would have smelled...

Problem: unbelievers

Solution: assault their olfactory senses with the smell of an itenerant preacher from the first century CE.

How about them apples?

grace and peace


hmmm.. would that scent be the Holy Funk of Christ?


Beware of Imitations! "His Essence"



again..my blog is a mess..so i will come over here :) The people are nice over here...


Your always welcome here. Can't guarantee your safety though. It crazy out there.

Resident Atheist


When a thread on a discussion board devolves into a flame war, it's not unusual for a moderator to close the thread, either permanently or for 24 hours to let people cool off. You can do something similar with Blogger: open up the post on the dashboard, under "Allow New Comments" select "No", and republish the post. To unlock, do the same thing but select "Yes" and republish.

You can make a post (or comment in the locked thread before you lock it) to the effect of, "I'm locking Thread X so people have a chance to cool down, and please behave yourselves when I open it up again tomorrow." It's your blog. People should behave if that's what you prefer on your own site, and if they can't or won't, that's their problem.



Oops, sorry, that was me. Blasted Autocomplete.


okay, i work in a bank, and we have some customers who never shower (i did discuss this on my blog), and considering that modern day plumbing and dial was not available in 30AD, my guess is Jesus may have smelled like these people, and i'm sorry, but ain't NO WAY i'm lighting a candle that smells like that! are you freakin KIDDING me?

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