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I understand that its a bit difficult to understand exactly what a podcast is, and I haven't done well explaining it, but here goes..

Podcasting is a way to do subscription audio- just like you can subscribe to blogs and read them in a feed reader (like bloglines.com), you can subscribe to podcasts and the audio files will automatically be downloaded and added to your mp3 player (the name comes from the iPod (iPod + broadcasting = podcasting), but you can get a podcasting client for any media player- iTunes, Window Media Player, whatever).

I hope this helps you understand the technology better.


"When I was reading I found myself thinking, 'This is hilarious' and 'I wish I could be this honest, too bad I'm such a two-faced coward'.

Ever read any Anne Lamott?


No, should I?

The One True Dan Tripp

Hey there! Thanks for the link, and for recommending our podcast... and thanks especially for participating in the conversation there. It's very gratifying and encouraging. =)



I haven't read a whole lot of Anne Lamott, but I've really liked what I've read. She's a left-winger, novelist, writing instructor, essayist, former drug addict, single mother and has had several abortions. So she approaches faith a lot more honestly than, say, someone who grew up in it. She has several novels, as well as four non-fiction books: a journal of her son's first year, a book on writing, and two reflecting on faith. She's also an occasional columnist for Salon. A couple of excerpts from Salon columns:

"I wondered if I could try to love Bush, like Jesus or Dr. King would, without having to want to sleep with him, or have him for lunch, or a second term. I am sure that Jesus would not make me have lunch with him. Jesus ate with sinners. (Of course, they ended up killing him; so there's that.) He'd eat with Bush, even if he knew that Bush would probably call the police or Ashcroft on him later for his radical positions. He'd do it, because He is available to everyone. His love and mercy fall equally upon the just and the unjust, upon the quick and the dead."

"I am going to pray for George Bush's heart to change, so that he begins to want to be a part of the human family. He really doesn't want to gather at the table with God's other children, because he might have to sit with someone he hates. Iraqi soldiers, or someone like me. I really, really know this feeling. It is something he and I have in common. But I don't think Bush believes that all people deserve to be fed, and I do. Pretty much. He believes in serving the poor, if they are the deserving poor. But I am going to pray for him to be OK today, to feel loved, and to be fed, because I think that if you want to change the way you feel about someone, you have to change the way you treat them. I'm going to try to treat him better. Maybe I will send him a little something; socks perhaps, or felt pens. Or balloons. He's family. I hate this, because he is a dangerous member of the family, like a Klansman. To me, his policies deal death and destruction, and maybe I can't exactly forgive him right now, in the classical sense, of canceling my resentment and judgment. But I can at least acknowledge that he gets to eat, too. I would not let him starve, and I will sit next to him, although it will be a little like that old Woody Allen line that someday, the lion shall lie down with the lamb, although the lamb is not going to get any sleep. That's the best I can do right now."



Just thought I would drop you a line. so here is a line!!


wow..this was the worst comment ever


Thanks for the line.
I'm glad you can see past my hatred of Napoleon Dynamite.

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