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Howdy Adam
Though I am pretty structured (and happy with it) in my Church experience, I would like to hang out with your group sometimes, if it is alright. :)

Scott Jones

What's wrong with corporate worship? In my mind that IS the center of church life.


I apologize. I forget that I use terms sometimes that smart people actually understand correctly. What I meant by "corporate worship" was that particular even on Sunday mornings and evening when people gather together to sit side by side and watch a performance. I realize its not a performance for everyone but it definately is this for me, and its usually a very bad one. There is usually a call to "worship" then a prayer then a scripture then music, then etc. This is the "corporate worship" that seems silly to me.


I don't know how you can maintain your sanity in that state. You're definitely doing the smart thing - building contacts with others who have had enough. That's how political power starts. All of us blue staters are counting on ya. ;-)


I grew up near Tulsa, and I know exactly what you mean. The churches that have such closed-minded ideas about life are so hard to go to. It's like they only believe what was written in a book by people who thought the earth was flat. They feel that using the brains that God gave them to question and learn with, they are sinning. To me, it seems like common sense to believe scientific facts, and question the bible's stories. I think the stories are great, and that they inspire alot of people to help others. However, I look at the bible as more like Aesop's fables. Stories to teach people how to behave. Honestly, is there any scientific evidence that the whole world flooded and every animal and human since then has been a product of Noah's family, or the pairs of animals on the boat? And that the animals didn't eat each other on the boat? Anyway, those are my thoughts. Good luck to you in your search for like-minded people in your area, they'll be hard to come by. No one in Tulsa wants to say anything against churc.

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