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What did you study there?


I ended up with a degree in Philosophy with a minor in Bible. Worked out best that way because I got to choose the bible classes I wanted and skipped all of the "Baptist History" type courses. Of course I got trapped in "Biblical Ethics" which shouldn't even be a category anyway. The Philosophy courses were great. I loved my profs, they kept me sane in the midst of much intellectual bull shit.



The McCartys are on page one of Google. We all get a pat on the back.


are we getting the whole story here? I think not...


if you know the whole story, please enlighten us. I wasn't trying to give the whole story, I assumed people were smart enought to research it if they were interested. If your just trying to be crass, don't.


being one who knows ka-rip, doesnt mean im a supporter of all that my alma mater stands for, but... I also dont like the martyrs of this world, and this story has it written all over it. Just my alternative viewpoint. Dont know the WHOLE story... so I cant be crass either. love your blog.


glad you weren't being crass. Its kind of hard to tell sometimes when people don't explain themselves. There is a lot of discussion going around about it and from what I understand, Zach isn't the one making all of the fuss. Its people like me that think he's getting the shaft because the SBC doesn't like dissenters. Although, I'm just a small voice. The McCarty's have some good links to some info if your interested. http://mccarty.typepad.com
Glad you come by.


interesting viewpoint

im trying to figure out Kincaid motives. Im all for reform, and I do not have the answers, but again, I dont like martyrs. Just questioning the motives. Nothing to back that up, just gut feelings. I dont know Zach, im just trying to get the whole story here.

Its like the big story when I was at OBU was the fact that the university was on US NEWS and World reports TOP 10 BEST BUYS for under grad studies... in a nutshell, once the dust cleared, it meant that the administration got the most out of the faculty for the least amount of money.

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