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adam, thanks for the refreshing insight. well-thought, well-written, and much appreciated for life's many simplistic reminders.


I feel for you. I tend to the melencholy myself. One big thing that has made a huge improvement for me over the past 3 to 4 months, and this may sound silly and I don't mean to discount the emotions that you are experiencing; but what I've found has worked for me, is greens+. (That's the canadian site, i'm sure there is US version if that's where you are). I swear, since taking this shit, I have not experience the emotional peaks and valleys that I used to go through. Give it a shot. I gave up coffee and started on this.


This morning as I was biking to work, I was delighted to see a tree with small pink blooms all over it. I stopped for a few moments at the edge of a busy intersection and just watched it. I need that promise of renewal, the thought of all things being made new.


wooo...I am going to come over here. My blog is getting exhausting!


That's what pubs are good for. Glad to have you.


Do you have any strong drink? :)


Of course you lady! What do you fancy?


Well..I really have a hankering for a martini...the day is getting late and the weekend is nearly here

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