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As a fellow citizen of BA, I understand exactly what you mean. I reacently read this quote on Ethics daily

"--Persons who say they attend church more than weekly: Bush 64 percent, Kerry 35 percent.

--Persons whose annual income is greater than $200,000: Bush 64 percent, Kerry 35 percent.

--Persons whose annual income is less than $15,000: Bush 36 percent, Kerry 63 percent.

These numbers are so stunning that it takes a moment to recognize what they are saying. It is apparent that there has been a major shift in the identity of the church, and it is difficult to imagine a more searing indictment of Christianity in America."

What ever happened to the movement Jesus founded, inclusive, full of the poor? Does the frozen smile of our plastic pastors actually reach out to the underclass? Perhaps rathern than hating gays, the Church should examine the actual sin they themselves commit to match Sodom.
"This was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride of wealth and food in plenty, comfort and ease, and yet she never helped the poor and the wretched." -- Ezekiel 16:49



It is striking to me as well that Jesus was against the powers that be because those powers were against the poor and the outcasted. It is difficult to think of what benefits these groups when election time rolls around because self-interests grab out attention so easily.

peter falohun

I need prayers for a greater faith and I have already had form God that we would study in canada ie me and my brother
plaese pray and also reply



I'm not sure I understand your post. Could you say more about your situation?

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