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I certainly enjoyed this last posting, and chuckled all day about the visual it gave me! Man where is my mind-bleach when I need it?!

But then later on, as I was reflecting on it, my pesky Vows returned to me and asked how, if confronted with these Goobers, would I "seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself"?

Sigh, knowing Jesus loves me and the guy that thinks the Bible predicts the discovery of underwater cities can be tiresome, or sometimes, with a chuckle a comfort.

And, of course this would be a perfect time for the ancient prayer "O God, the creator and preserver of all mankind, we humbly beseech thee for all sorts and conditions of men...." ;)


With a little luck, some of the bad eggs will wash out as the training continues. Not everybody there is going to make it through, right?

And--just out of morbid curiosity--what underwater city is that guy talking about?


Adam, you're the only person in the world whom I will allow to get away with complaining about the fuckers who say fuck too often.


During Lauds this morning I read this verse, and with a chuckle, thought of your posting.

Jer. 10:14a Everyone is stupid and without knowledge



Hi, I guess you would call me the nutcase worker. Im the worker who flags traffic with a stop sign paddle that no one sees with a orange vest on untill the last moment and sometimes they stop and sometimes the driver doesnt and sometimes I allmost get run over at least 2 times a day or gets the Arkansas Peace sign thats the MIDDLE FINGER STRIGHT UP SHOOTING there IQ or Sperm count. Which later in life you will find out these people should not be let out of the cage and breed.But dont worry you will settle down in a year or 2 or you will hang it up and find a more challenging carrer. Its called your maturing so get out there see the WORLD. I did,its fun,dangerous,but educational and no one can that from me.

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