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Scott Jones

I liked this phrase the best:

ethereal word picture



You are right "pop Christianity blows!" This idea that God is my "buddy" or "best friend" is a silly concept. However, there does seem to be a relational language in scripture as it talks about this idea of " a covenant" that God makes with His people. Phrases like sons and daughters of God...the Bride of Christ...children of God...and even friends...are difficult to interpret any other way other than relationally.

This language is made in the context of a larger community and not in this individualistic kind of language we hear so frequently. I agree though it is difficult to make this connection when all we experience in terms of relationships is the physical ones we encounter daily. Perhaps, the communal experience of the church (people) is more important in our experience of God him/herself. (Not to minimize the mystical/contemplative experiences we might encounter either.)



Good comment. I think your right about the relationship being with the church. The problem is that the church is rarely if ever willing to step into the role of being the hands and feet of christ. I can count the number of times that has happened on 3 fingers in my life. Its much less responsibility to tell someone to "run into the arms of Jesus" than to actually hug them yourself and walk them through their trials.

Law Bob

"Smart people are turned off by christianity"

This is sad but true. Many christians I've known can turn off a non-christian like flipping a switch.

Have you ever wondered why the greatest minds of the world once turned in droves to christianity? Why philosophers and educated statesmen found it so to their liking when now-a-days you can correctly say that many smart people are turned off by christianity? My suggestion would be, try to find out what was different about the religion as understood way back then. It all comes down to works.

For a fun experiment, try this: Find a christian and ask him what he has to do to be saved. You will get one of a few possible answers:

1. Do good works

2. Be a good person, and have a personal relationship with Jesus.

3. Invite jesus into your heart.

4. Worship and glorify god.

5. Live with purpose.

6. Nothing.

For folks that give answers 1-5, proceed to ask them why the bible says they're saved through faith alone. Get a poorly thought out answer or a blank stare, and then change the subjeect. The person who gives you answer number 6 probably actually has a clue what christianity really is, and should be immediately invited to the local pub for a long and interesting philosophical discussion.

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