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Scott Jones

But the point of education isn't vocational training anyway. But I feel your pain.


I think I may have been a bit mis-leading. I don't have a problem with the education I recieved. My problem is that almost nobody that pays in U.S. currency cares about it.


I can understand how un validated you feel. After all, I am certain you worked hard for you degree, and sadly most of America has an anti-scholarship mentality. I wish I could offer you a solution, but alas, I have only my commensuration to give. Just on a side note, I really enjoy your input on Sunday afternoons.


Adam I'm feeling your pain! As a fellow liberal arts-er and as graduation approaches, I too am lamenting my choice of school and major! So we'll be poor but with great, expensive minds, I guess.


Lets get real living in Arkansas is nice but when comes down to the nut cuttin the pay sucks. You paid or your parents paid 60 grand which isnt a lot of money so you can have a pity party or do something about it. Heres your choices 1. Stay here and struggle and hopefully something will turn up. 2 Move. I know your friends,family,everyone you know lives here in ARKANSAS. In Boston,Mass a few ago a teacher made 60 grand a yr, the school paid for her apartment and transportion but she had to sign a contract to stay for a yr or 2. Their are DOD Schools ( Dept of Defense) see how long you have to teach possibly overseas at a American Base. Maybe they will pay for your college for x amount of yrs to teach children or at a Indian Reservation in Oklahoma. Quit Whining, (What kind of chesse do you want with that Whining?) and See The WORLD


2 Things
1) Its my blog and I'll whine if I damn well please.
2) I've seen much of the world and been to many of the places where women are treated badly (referencing your comment on "The games we play" entry). But here is the thing: I don't live there! I live here. This is the culturally peculiarities that I deal with and if I lived somewhere else they would be different. I'm as egalitarian as they come but I don't pretend to thing that we interract the same way.

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