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Hey! What happened? How'd it happen? Give us the story, dude!


Congrats! And welcome to the fold!

Scott Jones

Are you trying to live your life like Jesus? Following a path of discipleship? Getting a little better at it over time? Then, yeah, you are. And the other person probably isn't. It's not some metaphysical change in one's essence.


Another fun milestone to look forward to is when someone tells you you're going to hell and then offers to send you there early.

Congrats on joining the club! Did we mention the initiation ceremony?


Welcome to the club! I get told I'm not a Christian on a somewhat regular basis; that is, when I'm not being told I'm going to hell and/or I'm destroying the Episcopal Church. It used to be bother me, but now I just shrug and go do my thing at the seminary/the Alzheimer's home/the soup kitchen/the Bible study.

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