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Come on out to California.


#2s are often overly committed to the First Boyfriend Jesus Christ. It's important to figure out a way to wedge yourself in betwist the two of them. This can be especially difficult seeing as how your dealing with God Incarnate. I suggest sneaking into #2's bedroom and removing all Joshua Harris and Rebecca St. James paraphernalia. Then move in for the kill.

Scott Jones

One of the women in our church finds you interesting, from your blog. She's 30 though.


I only wish.

Would I have to confess to taking that stuff later?

Women from your church read my blog!? Hmmmmm. I'm okay with 30, I think. Put in a good word for me.


Hey, I object to such stereotyping! I know plenty of beautiful, intelligent women who like to ask tough questions--I'm surrounded by them...but then you would have to move...


Not saying they aren't out there. I'm sure there are plenty at Wheaton. But I checked with my financial advisor and She says I can't afford to pay 20,000 a year (or whatever it is) to be around beautiful intelligent women.


Sadly I can't afford it either...
Maybe you should at least move out of the Bible Belt, though!


Moving may not be in order. Maybe the answer is in the visiting. Have you tried Vinita? I know a few intelligent, thoughtful, non-materialistic women from that crazy town.


How come I don't find it strange that thoughtful intelligent women live in a town known for its crazy house. Unless your talking about crazy women. Then, ummmmm, do you hate me?


Sorry, but it sounds like you are anti-Christian to begin with, so why would you even want to date Christian women? I mean, if you don't respect their faith in God and understand why it should be priority #1 in their lives (and everyone's life), you probably wouldn't have much in common with them, right? The Bible tells Christians that they should not be unequally yoked with non-Christians, so any woman who is truly dedicated to God will not date non-Christians.

Having said that, I must commend you for being cautious about pursuing promiscuous women. You understand how dangerous it is, so you probably also understand that promiscuity is wrong. That means you agree with Christian teaching! :o) I hope you'll pray and ask God to help you understand HIS LOVE FOR YOU, if you aren't already Christian. May God bless you.


Have you read my blog? I'm assuming not because if you had you would have realized that I very much consider myself a Christian. I'm anti-stupid, anti-objectifying people, anti-sensationalism, etc. Maybe you could not box me up like before you get to read my other posts or have even a slight conversation with me. I respect peoples faith, I just don't respect the abuse and/or ridiculous use of that faith to treat people like shit.

On another note. I really don't respect that you imply that I'm not a Christian. I'm tired of people that want to corner the market on what it means to be Christian and label people that don't happen to agree with them (me) as this "other" thing. If your best justification for what you say is "The bible says" then I'm less than convinced. Although, you already don't consider me a Christian so that would just be another one of my pagan symptoms. Right?


Whoa, I think you misunderstood my comments and overreacted. It just seemed that you were not respecting Tulsa Christian women's faith in God, because you strongly implied that you thought their faith was superficial ("disgustingly pop-Christian"). I don't know how anyone could generalize and judge all Tulsa Christian Women that way and I have found that just isn't true. Only God knows our hearts, right? So who can say whether someone's faith is "deep" or "superficial," just because some of the women you've known didn't get into a deep theological discussion with you? I sort of took exception to your comment, but I certainly was not attacking you in any way. I am sincerely sorry if you felt I was attacking you.

No, sorry, I didn't read your entire blog. I was just searching the 'net under "Tulsa Christian women" and I came directly to this thread. If you are Christian...WONDERFUL! Again, may GOD BLESS YOU always! I honestly was not attacking you in any way and I apologize if I didn't understand your comments correctly. Take care. http://www.ttb.org


Oh yes, Adam misread your post and overreacted. It's not at all relevant that you jumped into a discussion without taking five minutes to make yourself aware of the context. Right. Brilliant.


Context? I commented on "what Adam wrote." If he wrote something else somewhere on this website, that has nothing to do with his words that I commented on. Understand? Look up "context." Anyway, I'll leave and I won't be back. You all have fun with your ridiculous generalizing and judging, but I think it's clear that Adam was wrongly judging Tulsa women, in general, and also Tulsa Christian women, and I do have every right to say that that kind of generalizing and judging is just plain wrong. His comments, which I commented on ("context"), were insulting to Tulsa women.

"Another reason I should move from Tulsa.
Alright here is the deal. I like girls. I like talking to them, looking at them, thinking about them, touching them, smelling them, you get the picture. Tulsa has a lot of beautiful women and that is all well and good but being pleasant on the eyes (remember, different strokes for different folks) is only icing on the cake for me. But here, personality is only skin deep. Consequently they tend to come in only two flavors.

Flavor #1 These are the girls that have always been good looking. They received all of the attention they wanted (or didn't want) and because of this found it unnecessary to develop much else of their personality. The result, dumb as bricks. Couldn't hold up a meaningful conversation to save their lives and don't want to have a conversation with you at all unless you are equally as attractive and/or have great build and/or have a lot of money. Why, because these are the things that are important to that group of people and so they genuinely think that those things (money, hots, muscle) are what are valuable. These types are usually sexually promiscuous and therefore, in my book, probably have STDs. They are usually not faithful to each other, whether friends or lovers, and would probably never go out of their way to help you if it didn't better their reputation in some way.

Flavor #2 These are the girls that have had a "profound experience with Jesus". They are disgustingly pop-christian and typically upper-middle class. They aren't as dumb as Flavor #1 girls but are unwilling to discuss anything that isn't feel-goody Christian, or ministry oriented. They don't know much about Christianity (Christianity is, by a land-slide, the religion of choice here) so you can't even talk to them about the more serious difficult parts of Christianity. Now all of this isn't really all that bad if you can stomach it, but the real kicker is that everyone else ends up being a side note on their spiritual journey. Which to me isn't any better than Flavor #1 because people are still treated as a means to an end. No Thanks!

Now I must add that most of the men here can fit into these two categories as well, but I'm a heterosexual male so it makes more sense this way.

So where does one find intelligent, thoughtful, non-materialistic, females in a place like this. I'm running out of ideas for places to look."



Despite what you seem to think, nobody is judging you. While it's true that you never claimed to respond to anything except this one post, my point is that you would have been received more courteously had you done so and gotten an idea of where Adam is coming from. It's almost always bad netiquette to assume things about people when better information is only a few clicks away.

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