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You've gotta love these inspirational televangelist programs. It's pure unaulterated predation without the blood.


I always know it is going to be bad but it never ceases to amaze me how completely ridiculous these guys are.



Some friends of mine used to stay up late and watch Tilton just to hear him speak in tongues...it was the funniesdt thing.

Sad thing about it all is that he was busted for fraud by primetime live a few years back may be 10 years or so...and he is on television again preaching the same message....unbelievable people still send him money.



I'm happy to say The Trinity Foundation, publishers of The Door Magazine (for which Kristen McCarty and I write), was instrumental in getting him busted all those years ago.


adam, have you gotten the painting from gregs house yet?? do you like it??


keep watching, the older episodes are way better where Tilton speaks in tongues randomly and is just generally out to lunch. The newer episodes (one of the ones you saw with maria on it who can't sing to save her soul) are generally boring.

he was making 80m a year in the early 90s!

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