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Hi Adam.

I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog today. I was also grateful to find that I am not the only who struggles to understand God. Anyway, I commented to your comment on my blog if you care to look. I hope to hear from you again.


One problem I ran into back in the day was that church (or Church) seems to be not just a community, but a community dedicated to understanding life and the universe in one particular way. When people find that way unpersuasive or incoherent or irrelevant, it's hard or impossible for them to fit in, no matter how much they might want to. It's just a rough situation.

Hope is good, unless it destroys you. Something people never seem hear growing up is that having all the belief and faith and hope in the world still won't ward off the Dark, and that at the end of the day everyone still has to fight their battles alone. That's never easy to deal with, but it's worse when it comes as a surprise, and still worse when you think you have some kind of magic talisman that will chase away despair. That's the phantom faith that too many American churches peddle: join us, and you'll never have to worry again. Problem is, it doesn't work.



I think you put my struggle into words very well. Thank you for your insights. They are extremely helpful.

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