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Dino Zaragoza

I think I can agree that perhaps words are just words and are not moral or immoral.

But how they are used and the context they are used can be moral or immoral bad or good. For example if I stub my toe and "darn it" or "shoot" or "son of a gun" to me it is the equivelent to saying "damn" or "shit". Or telling soneone "forget you" could be similar to saying "fuck you." The context and meaning is the same...to me there is no moral problem.

But if you were to use those words in front of my 6 year old son ans say something like "fuck you" or call my wife a "bitch" then that is whole different context and is targeted at someone or becomes a offensive to somone then it does become a moral issue in my mind.

Perhaps I missed your point or misread what you actually said.

BTW enjoyed lunch the other day!


Fuck yeah.

And HellAssDamnKings!


For example if I stub my toe and "darn it" or "shoot" or "son of a gun" to me it is the equivelent to saying "damn" or "shit".

Well, yeah, you've got kids. No one wants to have the dirty kid. To this day, I swear like a fuckin' sailor, but in front of my parents I'll keep a lid on it. They don't need to hear it, and we all pretend I'm angelic. That's part of the kid-parent pact.


What I was trying to say, and I think you got it, was that there may be an ethical situation going on revolving around communication but it doesn't have to do with the words per se, but the intent of the communicator. I don't think it is necessarily wrong to cuss in front of children but I do think we have to be mindful of the social repricussions (did I spell that right?) of teaching our children these words. Most of our societal structure does not see words this way and, though I think they are wrong about that, I also think we have to play the game on some level.

Context also seems very important, calling your wife a "bitch" would carry extremely strong connotations and it would probably be meant to offend you. In which case I think the person would be wrong in communicating that. But a friend of mine's mother called her daughter a "bitch" in jest and everyone, including the daughter, laughed. (Sounds bad but it was really quite funny)

Sometimes we have to play to people's perceptions if we are going to be good to them.


I agree. I think I may have posted on this very concept a while ago. I find it particularly funny that if I call a person a 'fucking pussy' the word that people get upset about is the word 'fucking' rather than the word that actually derogates women.


In the case of "fucking pussy" would "fucking" and an adjective or verb?


hmmm...good question.

I'm going with adjective.

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