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Hi Adam.


Ahh, honesty. You're a good man, Adam. We always suspected it.

Shelli Wright

"to be good to people" is about as profound a thought as you can have...and quite Christlike. I have a feeling that you will enrich our lives. Welcome, Adam...and I mean that.


Awesome. Thanks.

Scott Jones

Adam. Enjoyed that. Thanks.

You sound very much like an Oklahoman, which is a good thing.



It sounds like being you is interesting enough; there's no need to imitate others be they fundamentalists or scholars. And I second what Shelli said.

Be good to yourself.


I would like to thank everyone that commented here. Being honest with yourself and with others about yourself is one of the most difficult things I do. It's good to lay all of my garbage on the table and still be welcomed there.

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