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It may have been the only thing our governor (Ryan) ever did that was really good, but at least he did it. And he may not have done it for the right reasons (some speculate it was purely political, a sort of sucker punch at Blagojevich), but he did it. I don't care what the motivation was, as long as the right thing was done. He even scored extra points in my book by quoting Justice Blackmun: "From this day forward I shall no longer tinker with the machinery of death."
Good stuff.

Ryan King

Do you mean "people in the bible belt"?


I interviewed Governor Ryan earlier this year. I know he was in some legal/political trouble at some point in his tenure. I also know that he came across as a man who did this because of deep ethical conviction. It was refreshing to find that in a politician.


Thanks for the correction, I fixed it in the entry.


I do think the blanket clemency was on ethical grounds, rather than political maneuvering. At least I hope so, just because it makes me feel better and I need all the warmth in my spirtitual gut that I can get.
And, let's face it, death penalty overturning vs. licenses for bribes (a great source of the legal woes for the Ryan administration)? I know which is the bigger deal to me.


Think you are right on here. When it comes to the death penalty, Bible belters like to reach for the OT and God smiting. Jesus seems to disappear during these discussions.


I think we are going to have to reword the phraseologies (sp?) to something like. "The fifteenth century canon, the author and perfector of our faith" or "For God so loved the world that he sent the canon, that whosoever believe in a prima facia literal translation of it shall not perish but have everlasting life". I just don't like this. It's too much work for me.


Bible worshipers at it again. I just got the first and third seasons of West Wing on dvd. In one of the first season episodes they note that the United States is one of only five countries in the world that punishes children under 18 by death along with Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. (Pakistan might be wrong but the others are right for sure.) Don't you feel comfortable with the company we're keeping?



I believe the gold standard as far as humanitarian and contra-humanitarian policy and practice has long been Turkey.
Turkey does not execute minors.
Seems pretty hard to stomache to be behind Turkey in the development of our idealistic behaviors.

Scott Jones

I remember that in the 2000 campaign it was mentioned that the year before Texas had executed more people than any other gov't on earth. That was including China, Iraq, Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, etc.

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