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My question is what the hell do they do when the 40 days of community are up. Go back to whatever the fuck they used to do...not be a community.


That's what I was thinking. Is sounds like a neat trick someone showed them and they said, "Oh, that's neat! Well, lets get back to work."


My question is what the hell do they do when the 40 days of community are up.

Y'know. Fix up more fences. My folks' (very conservative) church in the heartland has been doing the same increasing-property-values-as-altruism bait-and-switch. Hopefully they're just two isolated incidents.


4o days of ...!

I saw a church in Carrollton TX go its 40 Days of Purpose then 40 days of community. I note no perceptible difference in the church as it relates to me or the community following these two exercises.


So I drove down the three mile stretch to check out this project. It was indeed painted for three solid miles with the exception of about three houses who's fence was so bad that, instead of replacing the fence, they just skipped over it. Damnit that makes me mad!

"increasing-property-values-as-altruism bait and switch" That's fantastic! I heard recently from a fairly reliable source that FBCBA made Broken Arrow's Chamber of Commerces list of important businesses that contribute to the economic prosperity of Broken Arrow. I've said before that I'm waiting for the day to buy stock in this place. Seems like a pretty safe investment because of the sheep likeness of some of the supporters, but I might feel bad doing that. . .maybe.


"as the painters stood back and admired their work. . . our talents are not just for us. . .God gives them to us to help others"

Talents? It's not a fucking mural. They power-washed something as a "community." It is most likely not an artistic statement worthy of the "talented."


i wanna go throw up on that fence if it's still there.

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