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I am a white anglo-saxon protestant that grew up in a middle class home. Excited yet? I didn't think so. I am a graduate from Oklahoma Baptist University and I have a Bachelors of Art in Philosophy. I am currently single and hoping to find someone that. . . I guess I'll spare you the heartache but I do not wish to be single the rest of my life. I am a firefighter in a large suburb of Tulsa. I love philosophy and just about anything that has to do with religion. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and don't currently attend church anywhere because I think churches are corrupt, and they don't like me much either. That's about it right now. If you wanna know more, ask.


laughing, watching movies, drinking coffee, excercising, playing pool, things i do: reading, partaking of fermented beverages, thinking (these are in no particular order), and other things i'm too lazy to name.